İngilizce Örnek Paragraf Soruları ve Cevapları

Herkese merhabalar arkadaşlar bu yazımızda sizlere ingilizce örnek paragraf sorularını ve bunların cevaplarını paylaşacağız.Umarız faydalı olur.

İngilizce paragraf soruları eğitim yıllarımızın her döneminde karşımıza çıkabiliyor.Özellikle üniversite öğrencileri bu tarz ingilizce paragraf sorularıyla çok karşılaşır.İngilizce sınavlarının reading bölümünde çıkan paragraf sorularını aşağıdaki örnekleri çözerek pekiştirebilirsiniz.Lafı uzatmadan ingilizce paragraf sorularına ve bunların cevaplarına geçelim.Sorularda boşluk bırakılan yerleri şıklarda bulmanız gerekiyor.Soruların cevabı ise kırmızı renkli şıktır.

Soru 1:

Christopher Wren will be remembered as a great architect by the next generations and London abounds in examples of his architecture. —— . Later, he turned his interest to secular buildings such as Hampton Court and Kensington Palace.

A) His architectural abilities actually developed late
B) The great fire of London required a great need for new buildings
C) It was a visit to Paris that brought Wren’s interests in architecture to the fore
D) His earlier buildings were nearly all religious ones
E) At one time he was an academician at Gresham’s College in London

Cevap D şıkkıdır.

Soru 2:

Most successful short stories are characterized by compression. The writer’s aim is to say as much as possible as briefly as possible. ——- . It only means that nothing is wasted and that all the words and details are chosen for maximum effectiveness.

A) Background and time are both chosen carefully
B) Such details will obviously be omitted
C) In other words, much emphasis must be put on the portrayal of the main character
D) Some writers make even more use of symbolism
E) This does not mean that in order to be good, a story has to be short

Cevap E şıkkıdır.

Soru 3:

Scientists measuring the global climate here found that the world’s climate is changing. The average world temperature has increased by about half a degree Celsius since the 1850s. ——– . By the middle of the next century it is likely the world will be 1,5 °C warmer than today.

A) If the ozone layer thins, the extra ultraviolet light may have an adverse effect on plant growth
B) Flooding would also cause widespread environmental damage and loss of life
C) Most nations are willing to accept the inevitable consequences of global warming
D) Population of the land, sea and air occurs as a result of many activities
E) Scientists are predicting that this trend will continue

Cevap E şıkkıdır.

Soru 4:

Innovation has become the industrial religion of the late twentieth century. —— . Governments also reach for it when trying to fix the economy. In fact, around the world, the rhetoric of innovation has replaced the post war language of welfare politics.

A) It is only later that people realise that any special product constitutes an innovation of the highest order
B) Businesses see it as the key to increasing politics and market share
C) One way to describe innovation is to explain what it is not
D) Otherwise, innovation would have been hard to explain and even harder to measure
E) Two centuries later economists are still no nearer the truth

Cevap B şıkkıdır.

Soru 5:

London has several dozen theatres. ——– Outside London some quite big towns have no professional theatres at all but usually there are amateur groups which produce interesting plays.

A) You find people from all over the world gathering here
B) A successful play may run for even longer
C) Local authorities give financial aid to those who need it
D) Many of them are professional but some of them are amateur
E) It takes an actor many years to learn his art

Cevap D şıkkıdır.

Soru 6:

——–, but until quite recently great numbers of sharks were killed for their oil. Shark oil was used to light lamps, and shark liver oil was found to be rich in vitamins A and D. Sharkskin also had its uses, and sharks’ tooth are still worn as decorations, of course, by Pacific islanders.

A) Nowadays human beings mainly kill sharks for sport
B) Man’s innate fear of sharks has resulted in many ‘battles” at sea
C) Hunting sharks, which has proved to be rather dangerous on a number of occasions, still a popular pastime
D) The most dangerous and most feared shark of all is the Great White
E) It is not only our knowledge of sharks but also their appearance that frightens us

Cevap A şıkkıdır.

Soru 7:

The word “panic”, meaning fear, comes  from the name of the Greek god Pan, a noisy musician who was thought to play  his pipes day and night in the woods. Long ago people thought Pan made the sounds that frightened travellers in the wilderness at night.——–.

A) The word “panic” soon came to describe their fear
B) Sometimes an author does not state directly everything that is happening
C) One way to find the meaning of unfamiliar words is to use the context
D) A synonym is a word that has almost the same meaning as another word
E) When we look up an unfamiliar word in a dictionary, we may find more than one definition

Cevap A şıkkıdır.

Soru 8:

Sarah Dematera was 19 years old when she arrived in Saudi Arabia in November 1992 from her native Philippines to begin a job as a domestic worker. ——— . She has been held at al-Damma prison ever since. Five years after her arrest, Amnesty International learnt that she had been sentenced to death, but it appears that even today Sarah is still unaware of her sentence.

A) As soon as she was captured, she managed to escape into Jordan after murdering the policeman
B) Four days later, she was arrested for the murder of her employer, a crime she denies committing
C) In less than a week, she was executed for the crime without ever having had a proper trial
D) She had no lawyer and lost her case in court, so she appealed her sentence directly to the king
E) It was later discovered that she had previously been charged with another murder in Oman

Cevap B şıkkıdır.

Soru 9:

Most of our misconceptions of art arise from a lack of consistency in the use of the words “art” and “beauty”. ——- . This identification of art and beauty is at the bottom of all our difficulties in the appreciation of art for art is not necessarily beauty. Whether we look at the problem historically or sociologically, we find that art has often been a thing of no beauty.

A) There are certain characteristics common to all the arts
B) We always assume that art and beauty go together and that ugliness is the opposite of art
C) Such a theory of art is as inclusive as any theory of art needs to be
D) For the ancient Greeks, art was an idealization of nature, and especially of man
E) In this sense it is true to say that art is expression – nothing more, and nothing less

Cevap B şıkkıdır.

Soru 10:

The Titanic exhibition presents the story of the Titanic, starting with the early design, and then going on to its construction and launch and finally to how it sank. ——-. These feature furnishings made by the original manufacturers.There is also a passenger gallery that recreates life onboard.

A) The names of the 2,228 passengers are to be found in the memorial gallery
B) There are reconstructions of first and third class cabins
C) However, some of the items that were recovered from the bottom of the sea are still on display
D) Among the other items recovered are clothes and jewellery
E) A large piece of the ship is also on show

Cevap B şıkkıdır.

Şimdilik 10 adet ingilizce paragraf sorusunu sizlere sunduk.Cevapları ise kırmızı renkli şık olarak işaretledik.Yani hangi şıkkın rengi kırmızı ise cevap o dur.Herkese iyi dersler ve başarılar dileriz…


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